Monday, December 22, 2008

When Diaspora Speaks Up Is Over (1)


Seems it to be the end of the year,so i come to revise some issues that we need to think again and find the solutions.Thre are almost every year we can't solve every problem that had come,but we can try our best to give the way for every problem becoming easy for the next generation.

So, as every leader need to think and concern about their followers,the situation is same when we come across the issues when the decision for every problem will affected the whole community.Once you doing mistake, the history will not forgive you.The result will change the journey of life for our legacy.

Whether the leadership will take the wise decison or not, the issues still need the progressive effort when we do not want their certainty become blurr to our children.Like now there are too many youngster who still do not understand very deeply and clear about the history of the country.Thats why the issue of racism always came out.

The difficulties to understand or the policy of certain party make it the systematic clearance about the history of the country i do not know.But the truth is the present youngsters will face very big challenge in the future to overcome the issue that also not understand by their leaders.

I suggest we appreciate the history subject which had been teaching in the secondary school.The focus on this subject also should be check to give the priority in order to build the peace country and harmony nation in the next.Without the firm and tough understanding about the history and its contents,we need to accept that the situation like now will become ten time worst in the future.

Many not know history, some neglect it, some forget it and a little 'race leader' act like they do not know it.The systematic and well plans clearance was happened now.There is not impossible that our history will be deviate from the true things in the next is because the efforts to make it suit for some party were in progress now.

Singapore is the best model to show the systematic clearance of the true history of Singapore had been done and it was succeed."Singapore is not one of Malaysia states once upon a time and they are not belonging to the Malay in the past".Whats the marvellous of this big lying message had come out in the History textbook in Singapore?I'm so amazed!Maybe to build the integration between the races in that country and to build the strong patriotic spirit in every citizens.Wow,the beautiful art of lying had been applied there.I dont know how to say about that.

So, as a lessons...Dont make that such thing in this country.Everyone were welcomed,we can live in peaceful and harmony but IF....

if everyone understand the history,firmly stand to the truth in any way and always be honest to become the patriotic citizens in this country.So..better you think......

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