Sunday, January 12, 2014

Because I Beleive In God's Justice

Totally finished, dare to do something that you were worried about. To miss something that you are really care, and make decision to totally end the story, it is hard. But that is the time, when you need to teach yourself, to prepare on facing every consequence that will not please you, that is the time you should cut the tie. No worry. In two years i went through this way, it taught me the most valuable lesson, it was patient! Keep calm, not afraid to face the hardship, patient in every test even you think that is unfair and is too tough, please remain your sabr. One day, God will replace it with something better. At that time, your internal peace already laid down in your heart as your strength to face the future. Keep calm :-)

All of these things done, because i beleive in God's justice.

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