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Isu Kalimah "ALLAH"..Kenapa kita Patut Mempertahankannya


Memandangkan beberapa isu yang hangat diperkatakan di negara kita sekarang ini,iaitu berhubung penggunaan kalimah "ALLAH" oleh Herald Catholic dan kes kemenangannya dalam mahkamah berhubung isu ini,maka saya terpanggil untuk meletakkan artikel ini sebagai membuang kekeliruan yang mungkin dihadapi oleh kita dalam memahami isu yang sensitif ini.Diharapkan melalui artikel ini kita akan lebih memahami perkara yang terjadi dan tindakan yang sepatutnya kita ambil.Fikirkanlah sebaik-baiknya wahai kawan-kawanku, jangan kita menilai hanya kerana sentimen politik, ini adalah berkenaan agama.Rasa-rasanya sesiapa yang pernah menuntut ilmu di pondok-pondok sekalipun pasti akan memahami.Jangan kita terperangkap dengan politik kita yang menggila!Selamat berfikir....

From :

Prof. Al-Attas' view on the polemical usage of the word "Allah" by non-Muslims

Last year during the Worldview of Islam seminar organized by Himpunan Keilmuan Muda (HAKIM), there is a question being posted to Prof. Al-Attas regarding current hot issue of on the polemical usage (as its totally theologically incorrect) of the word "Allah" by the non-Muslims.

Below is the transcript of his concise explanation. One must not only rely unto this transcript to understand the whole spectrum of Prof. Al-Attas' view about this theological matter as on that day his explanation was bounded by the limited period of time. Further elucidation by Prof. Al-Attas must be searched through his writings such as Prolegomena to the Metaphysics of Islam, Islam and Secularism, Islam dalam Sejarah dan Kebudayaan Melayu and A Commentary on Hujjat al-Siddiq of Nur al-Din al-Raniri.

Question: The using of kalimah “Allah” by other people in this country
Answers by Prof. Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas:

Well I have been talking about this long time ago. I remember about this in ISTAC, when we first established ourselves (late 80’s and early 90’s), I think the Arcbishop of Penang was asking this question. And I have answered that.

And then we had a meeting with the Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur and about all the representatives of Christianity, including the ministers, we had a meeting at ISTAC.

And I said, “Why you want to use the word ‘Allah’ for yourself?”

They said “we going to pray in Bahasa Malaysia”

That’s the way they put it. So my answers to them, “Why you have to change praying into Bahasa Malaysia. You have been praying in English all the time. Why suddenly change into Bahasa Malaysia?”

Ok, so they said they want to change so that it more patriotic. Then in that case I’m saying that “why don’t you use Tuhan while praying in Bahasa Malaysia? Because you are talking about God isn’t it?…God is not just a name…”Allah” is a name of this Being whom you called God… and in fact a Being whom even higher than what you called to be God”

And then I said, “ …and “Allah” is not from Bahasa Malaysia. It is not a national language. It belongs to the language of Muslim all over the world. Therefore your argument using this for the word “Allah” does not fit into your idea of God. Because “Allah” does not have a son, It is not one of three (Trinity), that is why out of respect to Allah we can’t allow you to use this.“

But when we Muslim, when we write in English we say God, or when we talk to people we say God but we mean “Allah”…but they cannot say when they speak about God it means “Allah” as they don’t mean it.

So in this particular respect, we have to be clear about this, not was-was (hesitate)...whomever responsible in our governing, they have to be clear about this and to explain to others.

We agree you want to use God, then use Tuhan as we also use that…but we understand in the Malay language that Tuhan is not a translation of Allah..that is why we say “tiada Tuhan melainkan Allah” not “tiada Tuhan melainkan Tuhan”. We don’t say “there is not God but God” least the ulama’ among the Muslim Malays, we understand what is the meaning of that (word “Allah”).

So “Allah” cannot be translated as no language has translated Allah. The Arabs themselves they only use that after Islam..although the word existed (before)..the Christians Arab they also did not use Allah (in theological, epistemological and ontological sense in the same manner as the Muslim)..if they say that it is just a language..they talking about language..because they say “Allah” like the Muslim when they (melatah)…

So it appears they want to do that in order to confuse the Muslim into thinking that all the same..that is why I say one of the problems about religion is the nature of God..about who Allah is..that is why in Arkanul Iman (The Pillars of Faith), the first thing is “amana billah”.

“Who is this Allah?” and that need to be explain at higher institution in a proper way…

So we have answer the question. It is not proper to allow them using this, since they asking us and there is no point bringing this to court since this is not a matter of court to decide it whether they have the freedom to use it or not. It is up to the Muslims.

But then if they used it and said “in Indonesia they have use it, why can’t we?”…but it is because of the Muslims..if Muslims don’t care they will go on and use it..and in Indonesia they are using not only that, other things they even call it “choir” as “selawat”. Choir is not a “selawat”, as “selawat” is for’s not singing hymn..

And they also talk Indonesia they are also confuse..Muslims..that is why this thing happen. Sometimes the language when you come across English words like “Prophet of Doom” in Indonesia they said “Nabi celaka”. How can there be “Nabi celaka”? What is meant by the “Prophet of Doom” is…even the word Prophet in English does not mean “Nabi” only…it means “yang meramalkan malapetaka”..that what it means…so the “Prophet of Doom” means “yang meramalkan malapetaka”, not “Nabi celaka”.

They (the Muslims in Indonesia) seem not to bother about this. What we can say is that ultimately well they say “God is not Allah”...well if you want to use the word God, we are saying we also use the word God, we refer to Allah as we know and we are not saying that your God ultimately will not refer to Allah. You can’t run away from Allah. You can only escape Him and so in the Qur’an (surah An-Naas) says: “Qul aAAoothu birabbi annas, Maliki annas, Ilahi annas”. He (Allah) is saying “ I am the real Ilah (God) of naas (mankind)”, although mankind (non-Muslim) does not interpret it that way.

My comments:
If that is the case, that shows how persistent were the Christians in finding the loopholes be it in legal or cultural dimension to further their cause that might create confusion to the Muslim's polity if not being mitigated by the governing authority of this land.

As I iterated before, by having confused so-called Muslim authorities which normally appear in the silhouette of Salafism/Wahabbism as well the Modernist/Reformist (actually they are just the two sides of the same coin), the "public sphere" itself has been flooded with confused views which do no good to the Muslim's cause in defending their creed from blasphemy.

It is best to leave this matter to the Muslim scholars who have been trained as Theologians (mutakallimun), that possessed in depth understanding on Islamic Theology, Islamic and Western Philosophy as well knowledge about the Western Civilization (which Christianity is one of the mosaic part of the whole picture) to deal with this issue succinctly.

Most of them that I have known are the young protege of Muslim scholars who being trained by Prof. Al-Attas himself during his days in the "original" ISTAC like Prof. Wan Mohd. Nor Wan Daud (ATMA-UKM), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zainiy Uthman (IIUM),Prof. Alparslan Acikgenc (Fatih University), Dr. Mustafa Ceric (Grand Mufti of Bosnia-Hezergovina) , Dr. Zaidi Ismail (IKIM), Dr. Sani Badron (IKIM), Dr. Wan Azhar (IKIM), Dr. Farid Shahran (former VP of ABIM, IIUM) Dr. Wan Suhaimi Wan Abdullah (UM), Dr. Azizan Sabjan (USM), Dr. Adi Setia (IIUM ) Ustaz Asham Ahmad (IKIM), Ustaz Nik Roskiman (IKIM) while Prof. Al-Attas' students from Indonesia who have fought closely in this issue the likes of Dr. Syamsuddin Arif, Dr. Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi, Dr. Adian Husaini, Dr. Khalif Muammar, Ustaz Adnin Armas, Dr. Ugi Suharto and many others. Do google their name for further references.

For today's good article refer to Ustaz Asham's "Antara nama dan Hakikat"


1) "KALIMAH ALLAH: Hak Muslim atau Hak Semua"

Syarahan oleh Dr Farid Shahran.
5 Jan (Selasa), 8.30 mlm
Anjuran: Intellectual Youth Club (IYC).

2) "ALLAH: Siapa yang Punya?" (anjuran FPF ; PMIUM)

-Bersama YB Khalid Samad (MP Shah Alam), Tan Sri Murphy Pakiam (Ketua Paderi Roman Katolik KL), Dr. Asri Zainal Abidin (Bekas Mufti Perlis); Dr. Mohd Farid Mohd Shahran (ISTAC, UIAM)

Monday, January 11, 2010

7:45pm - 10:30pm

Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH)

Jln Maharajalela, 50150 Kuala Lumpur - (berhadapan Stesen Monorail Maharajalela)


Anonymous said...

if we can just resfect each other then we will live in peace... nice sharing

Anonymous said...

Whatever it is every Christian that I have known feels comfortable to accept the Son Of God concept. This Christian understanding about GOD is a direct blaspheme when applied to Allah. This term is called SYIRIK means the unforgiven sin if we commit. We have and can compromise a numbers to things with you Christian people but not this one. Sorry we cannot accept that because ALLAH has already given His dire warning concerning this issue more than 1400 years ago. Please refer to surah Mariam ayat 19:88 -92.

88: They say: "(Allah) Most Gracious has begotten a son!"
89 : Indeed ye have put forth a thing most monstrous!
90: At it the skies are ready to burst, the earth to split asunder, and the mountains to fall down in utter ruin,
91: That they should invoke a son for (Allah) Most Gracious.
92: For it is not consonant with the majesty of (Allah) Most Gracious that He should beget a son.

Anybody can clearly see that Allah is obviously very FURIOUS about the Catholic church demand and claimed. Things would not be has been such a mess if the Catholic Christian Church can consistently be worshiping their usual The Father The Son The Holy Ghost kind of name. What happen to that name now? What have made the Malaysian Catholic church priest to change or to edit their holy scriptures? Did any God angel came down to advised them to change it ? The Christian followers should inquire their local Catholic priest what had happened to that name? Has it already expiring or have expired and no longer suitable to be used? Please Christian people you all should have asked them WHY? Don't you people think you people should deserve an answer? Because only an unimportant people don't deserved any answer or is it? By the way didn't the church have always regard their followers as sheep? Did you people think a sheep can afford to reason out sensibly about this important issues? Personally I didn't know any sheep that can think or reason out about any faiths belief !!! Please don't be such a sheep because if they (the Church priest) cannot provide a logical answer what do that means?

And we the Malaysian Muslim want to know further. So is the Christian "religion" is undergoing refurbishment or experimentation or rather being modified? Wow can't you people see that only an imperfect "thing" needed to be modified from time to time. Or is the Christian religion is like Microsoft Windows 98 products that needed to be updated from time to time? That was why we asked, are the Catholic churches are doing experiment or fabricating a new religion? I mean can an experimenting religion can necessarily be a true faith?

People can always see any that any “thinking” skeptic person will sure to inquire barage of questions to verify its authenticity for people to ponder. Don't you Christian followers feel it strange if anybody can really afforded accept this kind of madness blindly? Unless if the Christian think that a true faith is not important then they have readily accepted to become a permanent SHEEP themselves forever.